Koordinat (Ness, Marcus Henriksson - Hologram Show by DeltaProcess)

Secret Street, 12630 Stockholm
29 okt 2021 18:00
30 okt 2021 06:00
Biljetter 220,00 SEK
Biljetter 220,00 SEK

Koordinat crew humbly created to organising unique underground events in Stockholm, to influence humans minds & brings beauty, feeling & solidarity through music-culture & Art!For the premiere, we´ve put massivs of effort to manage a next level event for your pleasure!

 The Art 💠                                                                                                                                                                    We are extremely exited to have one of the best Visuals team that Electronic scen has to offer! #Hologram Show by:

DeltaProcess ( Italy )

🌐 www.facebook.com/Deltaprocess....                                                                                                                           🌀 https://www.deltaprocess.it/

The Music 🎼  ➡️ #Techno with focus on #Hypnotic #Deep #Dub & #Ambient soundspaces!                                               Line up 🎶

Ness (The Gods Planet) 🇮🇹 (3h live set - 1st time in 🇸🇪)

🎵 www.soundcloud.com/ness/                                                                                                                                         🎵 www.thegodsplanet.bandcamp.com...                                                                                                                         🌐 www.residentadvisor.net/dj/nes...             🌐 www.facebook.com/Ness8Live/

We are proud to finally have #Ness ! Italian sound engineer, dj & producer, & the head of (The Gods Planet) Records. Acknowledged for his style over a decade of Techno industry. Ness gradually developed a distinct technique with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic rhythms.

Having performed in some of the most relevant clubs and festivals all around the globe, he steadily releases music and collaborates with several renowned techno labels within the scen. His music & dj sets are well accepted and defined as an exploration of wide range of deep hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes.


Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue (3h live set)

🎵 www.soundcloud.com/marcushenri...     🎵    https://soundcloud.com/minilog...

🌐 www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mar...     🌐    www.facebook.com/marcushenriks...

Marcus started his musical career as a dj in 1993 & directly he fell in love with the Rave culture!                              Also known as 'Son Kite & Minilogue'

his music can be best described as colourful, tribal, hypnotic touch in his opus, a truly borderline between Techno & Trance & ambient! Nature, music, meditation and his 25 years experience in the dance music scene makes him as unique artist of the modern music & surely one of the pioneering of the underground scene! Today Marcus is touring the world under his real name. Expressing music in all kinds of ways as live artist and dj.Creating musical journeys not bound by styles or trends but with loving intention to inspire and ignite the spirit within.

He has released 6 albums and over 80 vinyl singles and toured the world with since 1999. He has done many musical collaborations during the years; with artists such as Sebastian Mullaert, Karl Axel Bissler, System 7, Mathew Jonson, & many more.


Jessie Granqvist (dj set)

🎵 www.soundcloud.com/jessiegranq...
🌐 www.facebook.com/jessie.granqv...

One of Stockholms most talented & skilfully female-dj, will builds the dancefloor carefully before NESS! Her dj sets can be best described as Hypnotic, Atmospheric face-melting, territories, with a healthy dose of acid & dub!


SkyVibes (dej set)

🎵 https://bit.ly/30iYpvo                                                                                                                                                   🌐 www.facebook.com/Armin.SkyVibe...

Armin aka SkyVibes, already a well-known name on Psychedelic scene, Now is ready to make his signature & story into the hypnotic Techno scene!SkyVibes loves to play warm up sets & will take care of the opening set.


••• Crystal Clear Sound system •••

••• Amazing Venue •••

••• Friendly stuff with pure passion for the music-culture •••

( Members only ) that means we will only sell pre-sale tickets!

To be able attend the event you need to become a member!

We will release the pre-sale tickets & the registration/membership link on 15th October!

Stay tuned 🤍☯️

Love. Passion & Techno ☑️

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