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Curawaka in Stockholm - Dreamtime Tour

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Curawaka in Stockholm - Dreamtime Tour

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8. Oktober 2023, 18:00 - 22:30
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Curawaka is launching their second and long awaited album «Dreamtime» in spring 2023, and are traveling around Latin-America and Europe this year to share their new material with the world. The «Dreamtime Tour» tells the story of the souls journey through earthly existence and our heavenly beyond. With their exquisite and unique musical craftsmanship, Curawaka weaves a magical tapestry through sound and soul, with stitches of world root rhythms and celestial melodies, through fabrics of waking and dreaming reality, with visions of hope and union, with the core prayer of a sacred world rising.


Curawaka is an international quartet of unique soundscapes, mixing elements from indigenous traditions, traditional Latin-American folk rhythms and soaring melodies from Scandinavian folklore.

Curawaka has spent years living with, and learning from, indigenous tribes all over the globe. Their music is rich with harmonies from the natural world, with songs that echo the movement of a worldwide native culture, and celebrate the voices of First Nation Peoples, their spirituality and relation to the land.

Their debut album, ‘Call Of The Wild’, released in 2019 on Nixi Music, launched Curawaka into wider public awareness. With hits including ‘Noku Mana’, ‘Cuñaq’, ‘Te Nande’ and ‘He Yama Yo’, they have reached the hearts of not only global underground earth warriors, but also the larger scene of alternative music, especially fans of folk and world music.

In 2021 alone ‘Call Of The Wild’ received over 13 million plays on Spotify and YouTube, with numbers constantly rising. 


Felicia Falck is a singer-songwriter from Bohuslän in Sweden. She writes music inspired by the mystic and the beauty in nature, her travels around the world and soulful connections.

In 2019 she released her first ep ”Dreaming” recorded with her friend and producer Marcus Berg (Kultiration/Markandeya/Minuk) in Colombia on her first solo journey in South and Central America. One of the songs from this ep ”Come Closer” Dj Mose has been doing a remix on.

In 2020 she released her debut album in Swedish “Uppe i Norden”. Songs and stories that reflects more of her nordic roots.

In 2022 she released two singles ”Alla mina drömmar” and ”Gotlandsvisan”.

With her voice and guitar she share her songs straight from the heart.


ALRUNA - Rooting for You 

ALRUNA aims to hold a ceremonial space where it is possible for anyone who feels called to experience a sense of deep interconnectedness.

Our vision is strikingly simple. 

In a world that is constantly spinning faster and faster our invitation for you is to SLOW down and feel yourself if only for a moment. If you are able to let go and let life do its thing instead of you DOING it only for a few seconds you will feel it. You will BE it. From that space anything is possible. 

We want to create a sanctuary in the middle of Stockholm, a safe haven if you will, with a collective intention to open up our hearts. We believe the healing potential that lies within this co-created field of love and relaxation is enormous.

Over 2000 people have already experienced an ALRUNA gathering. 

This autumn we welcome: 


Looking forward to greet you in slow motion <3 


Eric Ericsonhallen, Kyrkslingan 2-4, 111 49 Stockholm

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