The Lords of Altamont + Midnite Stalkers + Bodies

Aug 14 2018 19:00 - 23:59

Melodybox, Mejselvägen 33, 126 38 Hägersten

TICKETS will be available at the door: 230 SEK

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT (USA) bring raw rock and roll fury from Los Angeles, USA. It's all there: '60s garage and psychedelic rock, American punk rock, British rhythm and blues and glam combined with the roar from V8 powered muscle cars and B-movie biker exploitation imagery. Beeing around since 1999, releasing six albums and touring extensively world wide, The Lords of Altamont are - plain and simple - rock and roll to the max.

MIDNITE STALKERS (SWE) is an excellent garage/oldschool punkrock band. They've been around since 2005 playing live on their own plus opening for Swedish punk legends such as Asta Kask, Strebers and Dia Psalma. On the album "The Original Hipsters" (2015) they worked together with Texas Terri, Cecilia (from Baboon Show) and the actor Leif Andrée. Last year's release, the mini-album "Killing Time", combines classic punk rock energy with post punk influences. Live the band is nothing less than a full frontal punk rock explosion. Don’t miss out!

BODIES (SWE) are loud, luscious and rocking ever so hard. Their music is based on all your classic punk favourites from 1977 and forth - The Sex Pistols, Clash, Ramones and Stiff Little Fingers - to name but a few.
The sound of Bodies has that extra tweak when punk is mixed with glam rock, garage rock and power pop. With experience from Germany, Scotland and around Sweden, they bring you a properly vivid live show.

# Melodybox, Hägersten/Stockholm, T-Telefonplan
# Doors at 19:00

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