TEDxStockholm Membership 2018

Jan 01 2018 00:00 - Jan 01 2019 02:00

Stockholm, 11129 Stockholm

Support the TEDx Stockholm organization

We are a community of curious optimists. Inspired, engaged, and together we are independent. Becoming a member of the TEDxStockholm non-profit organization makes you a supporter of the spread of ideas that make for a better world.

Not to mention the impact on your social life! In addition to our big events, we regularly organize smaller salon events when you can have a bite-size of global ideas, brewed locally. Meet, mingle and share.

As a member of TEDxStockholm you enjoy early exclusive invitation to all salon events, way before they’re sold out, and you benefit from early exclusive releases of discounted tickets for the big events.

By becoming a member you declare to have read our bylaws and confirm your intention to become a member of our non-profit organization. The membership is valid throughout this calendar year (until December 31, 2018). We will ask your name, email and date of birth!

If you need additional information about the membership, do not hesitate to contact us.

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