Summer Ceilidh 2017

Sep 02 2017 19:00 - 21:00
Tickets SEK 120.00
Tickets SEK 120.00

Summer Ceilidh 2017

Ceilidh [\'ka-le\] (kejli)

A Scottish dance gathering, sometimes disorientating, often frantic, always fun. | Facebook | Instagram

Don't worry if you've never ceilidh'd before, there will be a "caller" to explain the dances and keep you right.

Profits will be donated to Feedback Madagascar. A Scottish charity doing wonderful work in Madagascar to help address the poorest people with both short term and long term goals that ensure survival for people, plants and animals.


Q: But I've never danced Scottish before

A: We will walk and talk you through the dances so that everyone can join in the fun. We'll have you gallivanting about the floor in no time.

Q: What is Ceilidh Stockholm?

A: Ceilidh Stockholm is a group of people who love ceilidh dancing. We are trying to recreate the atmosphere and energy of ceilidhs we grew up with in Scotland. It is mostly about having a lot of fun! At the same time we are supporting a Scottish charity called Feedback Madagascar.

Q: Dress Code?

A: Dress for dancing, kilt if you have one, don't forget your enthusiasm.

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