Spark in the Dark

Dec 28 2016 10:00 - Jan 02 2017 23:45

Magasin 405, Oceangatan 2, 25225 Helsingborg

Inhale, fill your lungs with refreshing air and feel the oxygen pump through your blood stream. You are alive, full and present, a window made of the finest crystals giving rise to a beautiful spectrum of colors before your mind’s eye. This is love. Notice how the waxing of your breath starts to wane, as the trumpets of life and lust plays their last fanfare. You now exhale. Slowly you empty, feeling how your body gets older and weaker with the escaping breath. You push the last cloud of air out of you body and find yourself in the void in between breaths. It is winter, the night outside is cold and empty. This is where the adventure starts, this is the spark in the dark.

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This is a co-creative event, meaning you get to decide what the content of the festival shall be by sharing your gift. It can be anything from building a magnificent sculpture of LED-lights to making a stunning musical performance, dazzling an audience with a simple but ingenious card trick or just wearing an outrageous hat for the lulz. Here we all are artists, performers and creators, and we cherish all expressions of love and creativity!

This event happens because of you. Here's how you join as a co-creator:

No memberships will be sold or registered at the event, so please get your membership beforehand. The membership registation closes on the 30th of November.

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Spark in the Dark is inspired by the 10 principles of Burning Man, which will set the framework for the event. They should not be seen as laws to slavishly be followed, but as guiding advice on how to create a secure and pleasurable experience for all participants. In short, they consist of:

Radical inclusion // To welcome and respect the stranger.

Gifting // To give unconditionally.

Decommodification // To avoid commercial sponsorships, transactions, and advertising.

Radical Self-reliance // To discover, exercise and rely on your own inner resources.

Radical Self-expression // To be able to express your own creative potential.

Communal effort // To encourage creative cooperation and collaboration.

Civic Responsibility // To assume responsibility for public welfare.

Leaving No Trace // To leave no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather

Participation // To encourage a radically participatory ethic.

Immediacy // To be present in the experience.

Please make sure you have read up on the 10 principles of Burning Man before securing your membership.

Membership for co-creator Not Available
Last Minute Membership for co-creator Not Available
Extra: Gifts to the Art Fund Not Available
Extra: Spot in shared accommodation Not Available