IMAGO (show 01)

Sep 14 2018 17:00 - 17:30

Teater Tre , Rosenlundsgatan 12, 118 53 Stockholm

Artist/Group: Mosaikteatern

Genre: Dance

Performed in: language n/a

From Sweden

SWE: IMAGO - En tragikomiskt dansad föreställning i Svart och Vitt om att existera och samexistera, att ta plats och att ge plats. Vi inkluderar och utestänger varandra. För att i slutändan låta vänskapen vinna…

ENG: IMAGO - a tragicomic physical theatre piece in black and white about existence and co-existence. How we all include and exclude and by the end of the day compassion wins.

Part of Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2018) and the Nordic Fringe Network.

The 9th edition of Stockholm Fringe Festival ( #STOFF2018 ) offers a wide spectrum of entertaining and brave FRINGE culture experiences for both high and lowbrow taste buds!

Cinema, dance, music, performance, theatre, street art, visual art, VR, workshops, and everything in-between!

5 days in 8 venues packed to the rafters with 70 acts from 23 countries!

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