Gather Music Festival 2018: Closing Party

Sep 15 2018 20:00 - Sep 16 2018 03:00

Nobelberget, Sickla industriväg 6, 113 54 Nacka


AGE: 18 




Ms Banks (UK)

Parham (SWE)

Kojo Funds (UK)


Nuhlinga Mike yangstar & Damion Hasan Ramic, Linda Jordan and Remy the Dj. 


With his critically acclaimed debut, Parham quickly gained respect as one of the paramount names within the Swedish music scene. Since then, one has been able to follow his musical journey and transformation of expression, from the more classic hip hop debut ‘Pojk’ to later albums ‘Hemma här’ and ‘Torsken’ that centers more around emotions and self disclosure. Parham is known to make excellent use of his multifaceted voice, where his velvety soft voice is utilised both for great singing as well as delivering lines with equal rhythm and flow. Maintaining emotional lyrics, Parham does so with a great amount of wit and sense of humor, that together with an exquisite production makes his words find their way into your heart and affecting you in a deep way, without ever being pretentious. With his new release ‘Torsken’, Parham has gained yet more musical treasures, that we’re eager to share with you, and the balance between joy and contemplation makes him the perfect artist to perform at Gathers Closing Party.


Kojo Funds is an emerging artist redefining the music genre lines. Hailing from East London, where the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Lethal B & Wiley have emerged from, he is creating a major buzz in the music scene. His sound can be described as AfroSwing. He can go from Grime to R&B in a flash without breaking the listeners ear drums whilst doing so. The growth of the artist from ‘Want From Me’ to ‘Fine Wine’ demonstrates his artistic ability. With “Dun Talkin’’ a collaboration with Abra Cadabra (Mobo 2016 Best Song Winner), creating a stir in the UK and beyond, the world is on notice for what this talented young man is ready to showcase. Merging different elements together from a wide array of genres, he’s in essence doing what Gather is all about, thinking different. We’re glad to host Kojo Funds at our Closing Party at Nobelberget, September 15.

A 22-year-old, multi-Award winning artist, from South London, Ms Banks stands for female empowerment & individuality. Encouraging women everywhere to be themselves no matter what they’ve been through or what society expects of them. This is reflected in her music where her wordplay, energy and lyrics are small insightful windows to her own experience.inspired by strong female emcees like Lil Kim, Ms Dynamite, Lisa Maffia and Foxy Brown. She's come a long way since her playground bars, collaborating with Stefflon Don, JME and Stormzy in the process, while finding her own raw, energetic sound. With such renomé despite her young age, we’re glad to introduce Ms Banks to the closing of Gather.


Nobelberget, Sickla Industriväg 6

Located 10 minutes by bus from Slussen, Nobelberget is an unique industrial space of grand proportions; cavernous ceilings met by concrete walls. The special warehouse atmosphere combined with its sheer size makes it the natural basecamp for Gather during September 13 - 16.


Gather is a combination of a conference and a music festival where you will meet your new best friend, dance with your future love and innovate with you next business partner.

Gather 2018 takes place in Stockholm, September 13–15 and will include 50+ speakers, performances from all around the world, music at several venues and Innovation labs solving business challenges.




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