Frames On Women (Stockholm)

Mar 15 2018 20:00 - Mar 18 2018 22:00

Stallet – Världens Musik, Stallgatan 7, 111 48 Stockholm

Frames On Women is the 5th edition of Frames - Portuguese Film Festival.

This edition is, firstly, about the complex problem of the representation of women in film and, secondly, about giving fair visibility to women through Portuguese cinema. Considering the vast majority of contemporary cinematic depictions is still linked to the male gaze, this edition is all about counteracting that trend.

Keeping the focus on women, the festival will open with a fantastic concert by Luísa Sobral. With her fourth album out, various collaborations with acclaimed singers and songwriters as well as composing "Amar pelos dois", the winning song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 performed by her brother Salvador Sobral, Luísa Sobral and her soft-spoken singing voice will be the perfect opening for the festival.

The concert takes place at Stallet - Världens Musik.
Individual screenings will take place at Klarabiografen (Kulturhuset). Tickets can be found at

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