Frames Love Stories (Göteborg)

Sep 01 2020 18:00 - Oct 31 2020 20:00

This year, Frames is all about LOVE. Get ready for this year's edition of Frames - Portuguese Film Festival.

Some people claim that there are only two emotions in the world: love and fear. Considering the visible effects of fear in our contemporary world, it seems imperative to counter it with its polar opposite. Providing a ground for entertainment, we chose love as the background for this year's edition, and tiled 2020's edition as Frames Love Stories. 

Frames Love Stories aims at showing a selection of Portuguese films about love, questioning it, redefining it and rethinking it. Love letters from the colonial wars. A teen infatuation and the ability to dream. The unpredictable love narrative of a good-hearted soccer player. The unconditional love of a mother. The love for cinema as an act of faith.

In light of the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Frames Portuguese Film Festival organizing team has decided to postpone all the planned events which were supposed to occur in the coming weeks. 

All activities are therefore postponed (but not cancelled) to a yet undefined future date. New dates will be determined as soon as possible.

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