ALL 10E Pass (HERE: 10 EVENINGS – full subscription)

Aug 05 2017 18:00 - Aug 20 2017 21:00

Vitlycke - Centre for Performing Arts, Vitlycke Gård 3, 457 93 Tanumshede

Do you want to join the festival while supporting Vitlycke - Centre for Performing Arts?

With the ALL 10E Pass you will be able to attend to all events, including the workshops, with a 50% discount. Purchase the ALL 10E Pass now and you will receive - free - a special festival t-shirt!

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HERE: 10 Evenings is a new biennial performing arts festival on the west coast of Sweden. During the festival, we will present works that pose sincere, straightforward and challenging questions focusing on relevant practises in the field of performance and contemporary music.

HERE: 10 Evenings is inspired by the emblematic event titled “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering”, conceived in 1966 by artist Robert Rauschenberg and engineer Billy Klüver. They set up a collaborative platform for artists and engineers to create a blend of avant-garde theatre, dance, music and new technologies.

HERE: 10 Evenings aims to rediscover the experimental spirits of the ’66 festival, presenting works and events that question the very idea of performance and trigger the imagination of the audience.

The festival is initiated by Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts (Tanumshede), in collaboration with Konsthallen Lokstallet (Strømstad), to offer an opportunity for the audiences of Tanum, Strömstad and beyond to engage with strong artistic personalities in performing arts, film, dance and contemporary music.

A scenic rural landscape will be the backdrop for reflection and historical discovery, poetical experience, sharing and participation.

Biljett Not Available
Ungdom under 18 Not Available