ZES Sandra Harnes & ZES Monika Lejman Masterclass

16 maj 2020 14:30 - 17:00

Medical Society, Stockholm, Nobels väg 10, 171 65 Solna

ZES Sandra Harnes is one of the most known Zumba celebrities who travels around the globe to spread Zumba joy to the people. Sandra is an inspiration and a role model for her way to help people to a better and healthier lifestyle. Despite she often is full booked she is coming for the first time to Sweden.

ZES Monika is as well one of the most known Zumba celebrities who also travels around the globe to have courses and be main attraction in Masterclasses. The first Zumba Education Specialist in the Nordic countries and has been on stage in Sweden with ZES Gina Grant, ZES Loretta Bates, ZES Steve Boedt and the founder av Zumba Alberto “Beto” Perez. It is an extra honor to have Monika as she is often full booked as well.

Date: Saturday 16th May (16/5)
Time: 14.30-17
Location: Medical Association (Medicinska Föreningen)
Address: Nobels Väg 10
Location: 171 65 Solna

Entrance Fee: 350 SEK/ person (27/1-15/5)
Drop in: 450 SEK/person (only if available)
Places: 150 people

Tickets will be released on Monday, January 27 at 6pm !!