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Wednesday Relateful Jam w Navi & Ernst

Wednesday Relateful Jam w Navi & Ernst

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14 februari 2024 - 29 maj 2024
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Wednesday Relateful Jams

Join us week-to-week, diving in together further into what is here... as individuals and as community.

What to Expect
As well as playing with a lot of core relational skills, at our Relateful Jam, participants experience two core practices: Relateful Focus and Relateful Flow

In Relateful Focus, we dive deep into the life of an individual, exploring their feelings and thoughts in a shared space, promoting a deep sense of empathy and understanding. 

Relateful Flow shifts towards a more organic, group-driven interaction, where the collective's intuition and energy guide our journey. This spontaneous exploration allows us to uncover and navigate the shared human experience, fostering a unique and dynamic sense of community and connection.

When & Where

  • Time: 18:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Järntorget (Exact location and door code sent on the day of the event to those who have registered)
  • Price: 50kr for first-timers, 150kr for regular attendees

  • Swish Andrew Ernst Beyerle
    +46729404639 either on the day or at the event. 

    What is Relatefulness

    Relatefulness emerges as a transformative exploration, blurring the lines between individuality and unity, self and other. It's a practice rooted in the quest for truth and love, where participants engage mindfully with what's present within themselves and between one another. This process is not just about conversation; it's an active engagement with our innermost selves and the community around us, allowing for profundity.

    At its core, Relatefulness is a methodology that brings to light new realities through a set of practices. These practices are not aimed at tangible outcomes like fitness or wealth but at integrating truth and love into our interactions. This methodology sees conversation as a deeper, more attuned form of engagement, facilitating flow and self-transcendence. It encourages us to transcend the subject/object dichotomy, fostering a sense of oneness and interconnectedness that is deeply transformative.

    Is experience necessary?

    No prior preparation or experience is required. We provide a space where participants can land together, bringing whatever is present for them at the moment.  One does not need prior knowledge other than an entirety of a lived life being you!  We will hold the container to explore together, learning and in co-discovery.

    Some Guiding lights for Our Gatherings

    These are held as guiding lights, not to be taken as law, but rather in discovery of what happens in yourself and in connection if you try them on.

    Self-Awareness in the Moment 

    Take a moment to notice what being you feels like right now. This includes recognizing any sensations, emotions, or thoughts you're experiencing. It's about acknowledging everything from physical sensations to your emotional state and thought patterns, no matter how they manifest.

    Shine a light on it! 

    Share your inner world openly, whether it's excitement, hesitation, or anything in between. Your expression, including silence, is a powerful testament to your presence and worthiness in every moment.

    Beginner's Mind

    Approach each interaction checking your assumptions, viewing every moment and person with new, curious eyes. This is about embracing the novelty of each experience, letting go of preconceived notions.

    Embrace each others Inherent Wholeness  

    Let's be with the other person in a way that sees them as whole and sacred.  Not changing them or striving to get them anywhere. Connect with true listening, open curiosity, even if it seems what they are with is similar or different than your own.

    Movement Towards Aliveness

    Follow what brings you a sense of connection, growth, and vitality. This could mean sharing vulnerably, establishing boundaries, or engaging in joyful activities. 

    Who's holding these spaces?

    Navi - A relational enthusiast since their first encounter with Circling and Authentic Relating at Burning Man in 2012. Navi has woven these practices into their bodywork, deeply integrating this relational approach. With extensive experience with dance, movement, bodywork and therapeutic tools, leading and teaching in Gothenburg and the Netherlands, Navi brings an Integral style of Circling and more knowledge as it has evolved within their own practice.

    Ernst - Guided by freedom to express and explore the phenomena of life. I was first introduced to the practice in an intro weekend with Navi, and quickly became captivated by the depth of connection and relating skills it offered. After undergoing training in the SAS Circling Leadership Training in 2021 through Circling Europe, Ernst certified as a coach through The Relateful Company in 2023. Now, Ernst leads regular Relateful sessions at

    We are partners, who both are committed to researching the art of relating from the inside, both in our own connection and as a further commitment to community. The practice has been a guiding light for both of us. 

    A little on embracing Brave Spaces

    Our gatherings are held as Brave Spaces, where we collectively embrace the discomfort and risks inherent in genuine exploration. These spaces encourage us to confront and navigate through conflicts and emotional discomfort together, fostering an environment where growth and understanding can flourish. Brave Spaces require courage from all participants, acknowledging that resolutions may not be immediate but are part of the journey towards deeper connection and insight.




    Linnegatan, 413 04 Göteborg


    Relateful Göteborg
    Wednesday Relateful Jams

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