17 jan 2020 19:30 - 21:30

Eric Ericsonhallen, 111 49, 111 49 Stockholm

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Cтарый новый... ВИКТОР ШЕНДЕРОВИЧ!

Russian winter holidays are known for being Neverending – until the Old New Year in mid-January finally puts an end to the celebration. The Old New Year is beloved by every Russian speaker - and demands a guest star of an appropriate size and charisma. Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes!

Viktor Shenderovich is a renowned Russian satirist, playwright and journalist. A unique artist whose performances make the audience burst in laughter and tears all at once. A must-see for everyone interested in modern Russian literature and theatre.

An outspoken and powerful critic of the political regime, Shenderovich gained nationwide recognition as the author of cult satiric TV series “Dolls” on the Russian TV, where puppets represented main Russian politicians (closed under the pressure from the Kremlin). With the dramatic change of the political climate in his native country, Shenderovich turned into one of the front figures of the leading liberal radio station Echo Moskvy. His sharp satiric texts uncompromisingly debunk the lies and myths of official propaganda.

Shenderovich belongs to the intellectual creative circle that stands for the nation’s conscience. And he is much more than that: author of more than 40 books translated in many languages, member of the Russian Pen Club, winner of numerous prestigious Russian awards: Boris Nemtsov Foundation’s Award, Moscow Helsinki Group’s Prize ("Defending human rights through culture and arts"), Golden Pen of Russia, TEFI national TV award, to name only a few. 

Ironic prose and dramaturgy by Viktor Shenderovich has been a part of the Russian-language folklore since the 1980s, well-known all across the Russian-speaking countries.

Most importantly, Shenderovich is a brilliant storyteller who must be seen on stage. His show encapsulates a collection of human stories, sad and hilarious, paradoxical and ironic, autobiographical and heard in the streets. These stories, like pieces of mosaic, compile portraits of different people and eras.

Shenderovich’s live show has been a touring success since 2005 - from Moscow and Kyiv to Melbourne and San Francisco.

For the first time in Sweden, Viktor Shenderovich performs in the heart of Stockholm at Eric Ericsonhallen, the former Admiralty Church, one of Sweden’s most inspiring and unusual venues. Friday night with Shenderovich is a unique encounter with modern Russian literature and theatre. Come and witness Victor Shenderovich at the Old New Year in Stockholm!

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No age restrictions. Viktor Shenderovich performs in Russian.