Vera Polozkova: words & music

25 okt 2019 19:30 - 21:30

Eric Ericsonhallen, 111 49, 111 49 Stockholm

Vera Polozkova is probably the most famous and recognized Russian poet that the 21st century has witnessed. The young woman from Moscow reinvented and revived the genre of poetry readings, adding music and theatre elements, spicing it up with endless charm and charisma – making her voice heard far beyond her native country. Polozkova writes for adults and kids, her children's books now a must on a bookshelf in probably every Russian-speaking family. Polozkova acts on stage and creates theatre plays. She has been awarded and nominated for numerous Russian literary prizes, including prestigious Andrey Voznesensky Fund’s Prize.

Polozkova links the grand tradition of Russian classical poetry with modern urban spoken word. Her music collaborations include such names as Svetlana Surganova, Noize MC and Tequilajazz, while in 2018 she was the only female artist to join Basta, Oxxxymiron, Face on stage at the historic concert in support of Russian regime-critical rap artists illegally detained by the state. Noticeably, she remains one of the few Russian artists who distantiates herself from the official propaganda and regularly performs in neighboring Ukraine to great critical acclaim – as well as in her home country and all over Europe. Due to Polozkova, poetry makes a dignified return to arena venues and once again sells tens of thousands copies in bookstores.

For the first time in Sweden and Scandinavia, Vera Polozkova performs her poetry and music in the heart of Stockholm at Eric Ericsonhallen, the former Admiralty Church, one of Sweden’s most inspiring and unusual venues. Friday night with Polozkova is a unique encounter with modern Russian word and music – at its very best. 

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Эрик Эриксонхаллен (Шеппсхольмен, Стокгольм)
Пятница, 25 октября, 19.30

Впервые в Стокгольме, на сцене старинной Адмиралтейской церкви (Eric Ericsonhallen) вечер поэзии и музыки с Верой Полозковой — российской поэтессой, актрисой и драматургом. Полозкова – одна из самых успешных и узнаваемых среди современных российских поэтов. Яркая, многосторонняя, бескомпромиссная – пишет для взрослых и для детей. Фактически вернула поэзии былую популярность и возродила традиции поэтических вечеров. Разве можно было представить, что в начале XXI века поэт будет собирать многотысячные залы и продавать свои сборники тиражами в десятки тысяч экземпляров? У Веры это получилось! Не пропустите.

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