The void of freedom

3 sep 2017 19:00 - 20:00

Tempelriddarhuset, Storgatan 3, 41124 Göteborg

Gothenburg fringe festival presents:
The Void of freedom, Annikki Wahlöö & Benedikte Esperi

Venue: Tempelriddarhuset
Ages: 18+

This new piece has the intention to intertwine and develop their solo performances ABOUT FREEDOM & THREADS which grasps the topic Freedom where Wahlöö & Esperi are focusing on what´s limiting and preventing freedom.

It´s a combination of their personal and unique expressions within the field of choreography and acting. They want to create an immersive experience in the meeting with their audience, they use the potential that the space provides. The space is embraced with projections, texts, sounds, voices and lights. They want to create a sensorial and open space - where freedom can emerge.

Gothenburg Fringe festival 1-4 september 2017. 15 venues located from Ringön to Klippan with Majorna in focus. 124 performances from 25 countries. Please view full program here: