The Malmö-foodie Tour

NB The tour is held in English.

Walk with us and discover the culinary heritage of Sweden and Skåne through your tastebuds. Experience both classic Swedish fare like pickled herring, smoked and cured salmon and Scanian cured ham, as well as modern artisanal products like cheese, cloudberry jam, charcuterie, chocolate and ice cream from small-scale producers and try some of the Swedish chefs take on the New Nordic. Of course, all of the samples come with a story connecting them to Sweden’s and Malmö’s cultural heritage.

On the tour we’ll visit Malmös fishing quay and the new food halls, Malmö Saluhall, getting a peek behind the scenes and sampling seasonal specialities at the restaurants and shops.

Matkaravan is the original foodie Malmö Food Walk, going strong for over thirteen years. We provide guided walking food tours to the flavors of Malmö, Skåne and all the exiting specialities from the wide array of international food stores that line the streets of Sweden’s most multicultural town.

All our guides are culinary professionals who have worked as chefs, sommeliers, food journalists and food stylists. All of our tours are small (6-15 participants) so there is enough time for questions and special requests.

The tour takes approx. 2,5 hours with 9-10 stops along the way, while we sample specialities from the different shops and restaurants that we have hand-picked with a focus on quality and personality. Expect the unexpected! Our aim is to inspire you to look at flavors and ingredients in a new way and find inspiration for your own home cooking.

NB The ticket is non-refundable and only valid for the day you book your tour.