The Garden of Burning Delights

10 maj 2018 10:00 - 13 maj 2018 18:00

Segeltorps Gård, Ingelstorpsvägen 200, 269 91 Båstad

Tickets go live Monday 5th of March at 19:00 UTC+1!

Choose a price between 300-1000 SEK, all ticket options will give you access to the Garden of Burning Delights. The more you choose to pay, the more budget we will have for art grants, and surplus goes towards Malmö Noden, a project to find a permanent burner location in Malmö!

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An invitation to The Garden of Burning Delights!

Gods, Humans, Demons, Angels, Fairie, Heroes and Legends... my friends.

For aeons the tribes have been at war with each other,
fighting over big things like territory, philosophical disagreements
and who really is the greatest nose flute player ever, to more mundane things like who has the best glitter pattern on their butt-cheeks and what colour the dress is.

No more I say! The year is 2018, and we've managed to integrate with human society while keeping them ignorant of our true nature.
But because of the constant feuding there has been close calls. We need to stop this before it gets out of hand!

I Adam, first of men, leader of the small tribe the keepers of Eden have taken it upon me to preserve the garden in which I was created. After having to move Eden several times to keep it
clandestine, I have not managed to uphold its once diligently austere splendor, but the garden is still very much alive, and I feel it is as close to neutral grounds as we can get.

Therefore, I hereby invite you to a peaceful gathering in this garden of burning delights.

During four days of playing, partying and partaking in what the garden has to offer, we will do our best to settle these tribal differences once and for all and hopefully you will all leave as friends!

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