The Conductor - A Man and His Dog

1 sep 2017 14:00 - 15:00

Teater Trixter, Andréegatan 13, 413 27 Göteborg

Gothenburg Fringe Festival presents - A Man and His Dog, The Conductor
Venue: Teater Trixter
Age: 18+

As the city crumbled around them, many wondered what could be a window out from their despair, and from their struggle a symphony was born.

The Conductor is a concert-play, telling the story of the "Leningrad Symphony," a piece created under the most dreadful sufferings of war, yet one which went on to inspire millions in their darkest hour. Two performers and one pianist tell this story simply, exploring the durability of will, of bond, as well as the power and dignity that art may serve.

Gothenburg Fringe festival 1-4 september 2017. 15 venues located from Ringön to Klippan with Majorna in focus. 124 performances from 25 countries.
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