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TECHNOPOIESIS - Mark Buckeridge (IE), John Macormac (NI) Robin Price (NI), Muiredach O'Riain (SE), Quantum Foam (UK/SE)

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TECHNOPOIESIS - Mark Buckeridge (IE), John Macormac (NI) Robin Price (NI), Muiredach O'Riain (SE), Quantum Foam (UK/SE)

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12 maj 2023 - 13 maj 2023
Billetto Peace of Mind
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In September 1966, Fylkingen launched a festival of performances and lectures, exploring an area where scientific and artistic interests meet: "...if it would perchance question about a strongly changed moral system; [...] or about an in-depth knowledge of man, of things and of man and things—seems to be a central problem for the solution of which neither artists nor scientists can fully rely on their respective technologies.” —— Knut Wiggen

TECHNOPOIESIS presents artists from Northern Ireland and Ireland, showcasing performances by Mark Buckeridge, John Macormac + Robin Price, Muiredach O’Riain and Quantum Foam. A two-night concert—consisting of drums, lasers, electroacoustic interactions, analogue improvisations and AI compositions—will aim to echo Fylkingen’s retrospective quest with today’s concern by searching for forms of poetic tensions and possibilities in the machine age.


12 May 2023 Friday,19:00-21:30
Mark Buckeridge, John Macormac + Robin Price, Quantum Foam

13 May 2023 Saturday,19:00-21:30
Mark Buckeridge, John Macormac + Robin Price, Muiredach O’Riain

With Support from Konstnärsnamnden, the British Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Mark Buckeridge (b. 1991, Ireland) is an artist working in performance, image-making, installation and sound. Buckeridge graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in 2019. He is the co-founder of the arts organisation Muine Bheag Arts.

Past exhibitions + projects include a performance at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2019); solo shows at CCA, Derry (2022); PS², Belfast, (2022), Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (2019); Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam (2019); Pallas Projects, Dublin (2016) and group shows at Outpost, Norwich (2019); Rongwrong, Amsterdam (2019) and Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2016)

This is Buckeridge’s first return to Stockholm since his artist residency at the Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm in 2013.

John Macormac lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He studied Fine Art, graduating from the University of Ulster with an MFA in 2015 and a BA in 2003. John is a founding member of Cathedral Studios and a past co-director of Catalyst Arts. He plays the drums for the experimental jazz punk quartet Blue Whale and tends to Christmas trees on the family farm.

Macormac’s art practice is multidisciplinary, embracing performance, installation and drawing. He is interested in exploring pattern and rhythm through mathematics, geometry, structure and environment; currently with a focus on processes involving self-determined rules. His practice is process-led, rigorous, repetitive, systematic and labour intensive and his works carefully consider factors such as time, action, choice and human agency.

Robin Price is an artist-inventor, trans-disciplinary physicist, musician and cat enthusiast. He holds an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of Wales, Swansea and a PhD in Composition and Creative Practice from Queen’s University, Belfast. Recent solo exhibitions include Escape Sequence at CCA, Derry~Londonderry, Lambent Ambient, R-Space, Lisburn and Air of the Anthropocene at University of Atypical, Belfast. His work is held in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s public collection and has been covered in Source Magazine, New Scientist and the Guardian. He is a founder member and ex-director of Vault Artist Studios in East Belfast.

He uses electronics, algorithms, code, glitches and hacked objects to push at the boundaries of what is technologically and ecologically possible, permissible and ethical. His approach is playful, experimental and publicly engaged.

Muiredach O'Riain is an Irish electroacoustic composer, currently pursuing a master's degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His music examines the intersection of human and machine intelligence, where his passion for musical exploration meets his academic background in computer science.

O’Riain's compositions consist of intricate computer-generated soundscapes that merge organic and artificial elements, in an attempt to redefine the boundaries of posthuman musical expression. By utilising experimental training techniques with machine learning algorithms, his pieces are able to evolve, react and adapt over time, creating a sonic journey through complex textures and tonalities that work to both captivate audiences and challenge their expectations. His AI compositions explore what it means to be an artist and work aesthetically with these emerging technologies, both as an instrument and as an artistic process in itself.

QNTMFM ((Quantum Foam)) is a noise project by Edy Fung, that reflects on our relationship with technology and as an exploration to reveal information, symbols and meaning in our proximities. Field recordings of fleeting materials and states of dereliction are often her fundamental ingredients. Spatial and object memories are sampled, stretched and morphed into drone, ambient and techno. She softly takes sonic frequencies beyond their ontological origin and spacetime in order to form new interpretations.

Performances and sonic works were shown at Monument (2022), IMMA x Dublin Digital Radio (2022), Fylkingen (2022), Amazonia Mapping Festival (2021), FACT Liverpool (2021), Static Trading (2021), MUTEK Festival ES+AR (2021), RHA Dublin (2021), Somerset House Studios, London (2020), Videotage, Hong Kong (2020) and Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Derry (2020).

More programmes at: https://fylkingen.se



Föreningen Fylkingen, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 104 62 Stockholm


Mark Buckeridge (IE)
John Macormac (NI)
Robin Price (NI)
Muiredach O'Riain (SE/UK/IE)
Quantum Foam (UK/SE)

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