Tanz Oaze w/ Windish

1 feb 2020 22:00 - 2 feb 2020 03:00

Slakthuset, Slakthusgatan 6, 121 62 Johanneshov

New year new silliness!
For our first party of the year we have invited one of our favorite persons and musicians; Garbicz festival very own Windish!

Tanz Oaze mission is to create a space where everyone can express themselves freely, whilst feeling safe and dancing to the best music in Stockholm. We create this together and we are all Tanz Oaze, so if you see something - say something!

Silly Temple
Windish [Garbicz Festival, URSL]
Fabian Tanz [Tanz Oaze]

Silly Cave
Schiia [Tanz Oaze]
Acid Magda [Tanz Oaze]
Le Nomade [Tanz Oaze]

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