Subsecular Arts: The Forest Interface

1 jul 2017 13:00
3 jul 2017 13:00
Biljetter 130,00 SEK - 230,00 SEK
Biljetter 130,00 SEK - 230,00 SEK

Deep in the forests of Östergötland, a 48 hour participatory event takes place between 1st - 3rd of July. An old building that used to serve as grain storage is transformed into a 70 square meter dance floor and yoga space, and an old barn for dairy cows is an open space where all kinds of workshops, projects, round table discussions or whatever your heart desires.

Website for the event:

A participatory event works in the following way: Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so. Purchasing a ticket equals you getting access to get a space (for a limited time during the event, or the whole duration of it, depending on what you want), which you are free to transform in whichever way you want. When you have purchased a ticket, you are invited to the slack (app) discussion so you can coordinate and co-create your ideas with others, and a facebook group dedicated to the participants, where you can discuss anything you want - logistics, electricity, creative ideas, schedule, space, whatever.

The event, much like other participatory events is inspired by the Ten Principles of Burning Man:

Already a spectacular array of electronic musicians and philosophers are attending. But what do you want to add? What would you like to see materialise? Make it happen!

Early bird tickets (ending last of May) are 130 sek (this goes to some electrical works that must happen in order to host the event), and from June 1st to June 23rd, regular priced tickets are 230 sek.

Feel free to email with any questions to

Facebook group for the event:

Slack conversation:

Eventet är avslutat

Subsecular Arts: The Forest Interface

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