Stockholm Men's Gathering

16 mar 2018 18:30 - 18 mar 2018 17:00

Noden, Sickla industriväg 6, 131 34 Nacka

Welcome to Stockholm Men’s Gathering.

This event invites you to deepen your dedication to empowerment, embodiment, and purpose. We value the qualities of a mature and integrated Masculinity, creating meaningful relationships, and service to the community.

From March 16th-18th, spend the weekend with men in aligned intention, meet teachers and attend workshops. Gain greater perspective by being surrounded by men of all ages, experience, backgrounds. All the while having fun in a space that encourages you to be authentic and present.

Bring your brother, friend, co-worker and experience an intensive weekend of diving into defining for yourself, what it means to be a man.

Topics and Workshops Include:
• The 12 Initiatory Steps to Becoming A Man
• 21st Century Spirituality and Religion
• Sex: From the Mundane to the Transcendental
• Wim Hof Method
• Creating Support
• Camping in the Swedish Forest
• Fine-tune & Sharpen Your Purpose
• Fire Ceremony
• Kundalini Yoga and The Warrior Archetype
• Q&A Teacher Panel

What you will need to bring:
• An Engaged Attitude
• Comfortable/Warm/Swim Clothing
• Notebook and Pen
• Sleeping Bag (Participants will sleep in Large Military Tents)

Food and Accommodation will be provided.
This event will be held at Noden, a Syntheistic Community Center.

Stockholm Men’s Gathering is an extension of Nordic Men’s Gathering, Noden Men’s group, Satkaya Education and the Manifesto.

General Admission