Stand Up Yours - Stand up Yours

25 aug 2018 20:30 - 21:45

Draken, Heurlins Plats 15, 413 01 Göteborg

age: 18+

This Swedish feminist comedy group began in 2014 in true DIY-spirit to create an inclusive and alternative scene for women and the LGBT+ community. Pernilla and Therese have gone on to become a prize-winning group and are regulars on the festival and pride scene.

Comedian line-up:

Emma Knyckare: While being a successful comedian, Emma has also been working on Swedish radioshows, such as "Morgonpasset" and "Tankesmedjan" during the past couple of years. She can be seen on TV as well, in, among others, the shows "Inte OK" and "Hårdvinklat".
Anneli Abrahamsson: After touring together with Malin Appeltofft and brining the show ”Motherfuckers - det är aldrig försent att bli olämplig” all around Sweden, Anneli is now here in Gothenburg to spark more laughter.
Anna-Lisa Gustavii: Anna-Lisa has been doing standup for five years and, when not on stage herself, manages the comedy club Skrubben in Majorna in Gothenburg.
Pernilla Hammargren: With the goal of establishing a comedic outlet for women, non-binary and queer people, Pernilla has been doing comedy for 12 years and is one of the founders of Stand Up Yours.
Therese Sandin: Therese has been touring both in Sweden and abroad, taking her hilarious stories all the way to the USA, England and Ireland.

Gothenburg Fringe festival 23rd to 27th August, 13 venues located from Stigbergstorget to Esperantoplatsen. Over 150 performances from Sweden and all over the world. Please view full programme here:

Stand Up Yours

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