Shkoon [DE] Rima Album Tour

31 jan 2020 21:00 - 1 feb 2020 01:00

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm

31st of January ARTIFICIALIA presents:

Shkoon [DE]

LIVE at 21:00 

On December 6th, the German-Syrian band Shkoon will release their long-awaited debut album “Rima”,

sending out a message of cultural diversity to the world. Shkoon’s concerts have attracted a diverse

audience for many years, bringing together people of all religions, colors and backgrounds. 

Musically, the album is situated between influences of electronic downbeat, deep house, dub and hip-hop. 

The band members Ameen, Thorben and Maher come from a variety of different musical backgrounds and have created their very own sound with a mix of influences between the Arabic and Western world. Piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion and vocals merge oriental melodies with western electronic beats, taking the listener on a journey that blurs the boundaries of cultures. This fusion of different styles results in a kind of music that takes you away, no matter where you are from. Sometimes it´s deep, sometimes it´s mellow. It can make you dream and it can make you weep. Dance and sing with joy or close your eyes and feel what lies beneath.

Shkoon is more than a German-Syrian live act with Arabic lyrics. In addition to their own lyrics, the

band uses traditional musical folklore elements of the Arab community, which today appear more

relevant than ever. The title song of the debut album is inspired by a story from Arabic folklore, in which a mother tells peaceful tales to her child as the world sinks into chaos. This song is

accompanied by the singer and rapper Tareq Abu Kwaik, also known as "El Far3i", by the band 47Soul.







21:00 (LIVE) Shkoon



To create an unique sound landscape we created a thought of bringing contemporary and futuristic electronica and combine it with harmonistic ambient organica and digital visualization. We have handpicked specific acts from around the world to join us for this specific project together with the best locals support acts from Stockholm to enhance these special nights.

This concept was given the names of ARTIFICIALIA, a mix of art, music and culture that we bring to you as unique late night sets at Studio Live and your favorite museum, Fotografiska. 



Fotografiska's cocktail bar and Studio is a lounge and creative oasis, which turns into a night at the museum with a vibrant cocktail bar and a live scene. We hosted club concepts, dj sets and a variety of release parties within music, photography & film.



Ordinary ticket: 165 Sek

Student: 135 Sek

Fotografiska members: free admission (personal & valid membership has to be presented at the door)

Tickets will also be sold att the entrance if not sold out. 



Studio Live, Fotografiska Stockholm 

Stadsgårdshamnen 22 

116 45 Stockholm