Second Breakfast Shorts - Steady As She Goes (Sep 22, 10:00)

22 sep 2019 10:00 - 11:50

Spegeln B, Stortorget 29, 211 34 Malmö

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please go to the Nordisk Panorama Ticket Desk at Spegeln well in advance before the screening starts to pick up your breakfast. If you would like to have a vegan breakfast option, please send your order to and write the title of the short package, the date and time, your name and how many vegan breakfasts do you want to order. Enjoy a tasty film!

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Necrophilia, talking vulvas and shamanic characters all feature in this programme of shorts which sees formidable females take centre stage. In Filia, we follow the love life of Maria, who leaves her boyfriend for a dead man she finds in the woods, Sara’s Intimate Confessions follows the sexual life of a young woman and her special relationship with her genitals, and both Cleaning Woman and Sorry Not Sorry explore the dynamics of power in very humorous ways. 

Sorry Not Sorry by Julia Thelin

Filia by Anniina Joensalo

Cleaning Woman by Teemu Nikki

Sara´s Intimate Confessions by Emilie Blichfeldt

This short film package will also be screened on September 21 at 18:45. To get a ticket for this screening, click on this link.