Scandinavian Detours Denmark

17 jun 2017 18:00 - 20:00

Boesdal Kalkbrud, Boesdalsvej 9, 55.2586° N, 12.4011° E, 4673 Rødvig Stevns

Scandinavian countries have very diverse natural habitats, mountains, forests, lakes and islands, making it possible for us to experience the great outdoors at any time. Still, large parts of the landscape and magnificent views go unexplored and unseen. Somehow we seem to have lost track of what comes naturally to us all – discovering new paths.

This summer, Talisker Whisky partners with Swedish chefs Joel Åhlin and Filip Fastén from Agrikultur to create an experience well worth discovering! Scandinavian Detours pop-up restaurants are part of a unique exploration guide and are a culinary experience in the middle of nature in both Sweden and Denmark. But only for one day, so make sure to book your seat at the table in time for this once in a lifetime experience!

Scandinavian Detours pop-up restaurant in Denmark will be located just by the seaside in Boesdal Kalkbrud. Here you will be able to enjoy the experiential and seasonal cooking of Filip and Joel while admiring the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

The price includes a 4 course dinner and 2 cocktails, served during a 2 hours seating.

Please note booking terms of Scandinavian Detours. The reservation applies to the stated number of guests. If canceled later than 48h before arrival or in case of no-show, Scandinavian Detours reserves the right to charge you with 500 DKK per booked guest. You as a bookkeeper are personally responsible for the entire booking. The age limit is 20 years.

790 DKK (Incl. VAT) Ej tillgänglig
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