Remain Invisible + - KT Yau Ka-hei

25 aug 2018 15:20 - 26 aug 2018 16:20

Teater Trixter, Masthamnsgatan 17, 413 27 Göteborg

age: 6+

Remain Invisible by KT Yau Ka-hei

Dancers do not always have to show their bodies so openly. Just come to feel my body’s existence under your gaze. Where
there are people, there are threats. Always in fear, forgot the weight of my shell. An unpackaged performance with a packaged
performer. May I? by KT Yau Ka-hei

By using a bott le of ordinary disti lled water to show the game of thrones between human and animal - where the ideas of the
oppressors and the oppressed conflict.

Gothenburg Fringe festival 23rd to 27th August, 13 venues located from Stigbergstorget to Esperantoplatsen. Over 150 performances from Sweden and all over the world. Please view full programm

Performance times:

Saturday 25 Aug @ 15:20 (50 mins)

Sunday 26 Aug @ 16:20 (50 mins)

Saturday 25 Aug @ 15:20


Sunday 26 Aug @ 16:20