Rangg - Bollywood Open Air Color Fest

18 jun 2016 14:00 - 22:00

Undisclosed, Stockholm, 12345 Stockholm

The day has arrived, to rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts, a day to forget and forgive. Marks the start of a summer of love and equality, with an open mind, brighter colours, louder music and healthier food!

Introducing the first of its kind outdoor bollywood colour festival in Sweden. Full Bollywood Club Electro House with Anjuna beats fresh from the shores of Goa!

PERFORMANCES (In random order)
Gus Höjerdal (Deep tech house)
Shahrukh (Bollywood Electro)
e.Day aka DaNk0 (Techno)
Live Performance by Ellen Flowerhill (Hip-hop future)

Food Festival and fresh smoothies by Lappis Chef

An Event for You, by You.
Color packets and Beer will be available for contributors. (scroll down for color info).
If you are interested in contributing to attend the event, get in touch with Ely Kadotchnikova.

behind the dj desk for those who just wanna enjoy the show!

4 stations away from t-centralen, on red line, and 10 minute walk from tunnelbana. Exact location will be disclosed one day before the event.


Strict policy against any threat to people and environment. Every individual is responsible for their behaviour and actions, and disrespect towards people and environment will not be tolerated. There will be recycle bins all around and if you are seen littering the place, action will be taken.

We have organic colours checked for safety and quality available at the venue. Our powder corresponds to the requirements of the European Cosmetic Regulation. It is tested according to the strict guidelines and considered safe for humans and the environment.

+ Easily washable
+ Reduced fine dust
+ Antiallergic

Media Partners: Lappis TV
Virtual Reality Setup: LYKVYD
PR Partners: BAW (Bollywood AfterWork)
Sound and Lights Setup: tHe ReaL cLuB s0uND stHLm

Rangg Registration