PlatonPlatina (Show 01)

12 sep 2018 20:00 - 21:00

Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt , 114 23 Stockholm

Artist/Group: Temporarity Production & Alicja Ziolko Productions

Genre: Theatre / Performance

Performed in: English / Norwegian / Swedish

From Sweden / Norway

PlatonPlatina är en performance i talkshowformat där två medelålders platinablonda kvinnor diskuterar filosofi, vetenskap och vem som är den bästa lögnaren - den som medvetet ljuger eller den som gör det omedvetet?

A talkshow with two platina blond middle aged women discussing philosophy and science. This is a show that is inspired by Plato’s text Hippias Minor where Socrates argues that the voluntary lie is better than the involuntary lie.

Part of Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2018) and the Nordic Fringe Network.

The 9th edition of Stockholm Fringe Festival ( #STOFF2018 ) offers a wide spectrum of entertaining and brave FRINGE culture experiences for both high and lowbrow taste buds!

Cinema, dance, music, performance, theatre, street art, visual art, VR, workshops, and everything in-between!

5 days in 8 venues packed to the rafters with 70 acts from 23 countries!

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