13 aug 2017 19:00 - 21:15

Vitlycke - Centre for Performing Arts, Vitlycke Gård 3, 457 93 Tanumshede

PATTERN 0 is a duo created by French musician, based in Sweden, Sheik Anorak/Frank Garcia and Belgium dancer Esse Vanderbruggen. Together they perform PATTERN 0, a 25-minute piece based on the coexistence of sound and movement; on stamina and repetition. A journey for both performer and spectator to wherever the exhausted mind needs to go.

Ease Vanderbruggen is a Brussels based freelance dancer. After finishing her studies at P.A.R.T.S./Brussels, she has been working amongst others with CompagnieMonica, Kubilai Khan Investigations, Isabella Soupart and Vera Tussing.

Sheik Anorak started in 2006 as Frank Garcia’s noise project, using drums, guitar and some loop pedals. It evolved towards something more melodic and minimalistic and today Sheik Anorak’s music is a blending of all his influences from free jazz, to noise, from minimal contemporary music to pop. During the 10 years of Sheik Anorak’s existence, Frank played – solo or duo/trio – more than 400 concerts, among others with Neige Morte, -1, LOUP, Kanine, Totale Eclipse, Grand Royale, IMMORTEL, Men At Sea, SoCRaTeS. He shared the stage with artists like Thurston Moore, Hint, Dinosaur Jr., Carla Bozulich, Action Beat, Mats Gustafsson, The Thing, Liturgy, Mayhem, Immortal, Chris Corsano, Cheer Accident, Peter Kernel, Andrea Parkins, Zenzile.

The performance PATTERN 0 will be followed by the screening of Solo by Deborah Hay and the evening will conclude with SHEIK ANORAK solo concert.



Ungdom under 18