Nordic Championships Icelandichorses 2020

Campingvägen, 603 36 Norrköping
27 jul 2020 09:00
2 aug 2020 20:00
Biljetter Gratis - 800,00 SEK
Biljetter Gratis - 800,00 SEK

Welcome to the Nordic Championships 2020!

The Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses will be held on July 27th – August 2nd 2020
at the competition grounds of BEMER arena in Norrköping, Sweden.

 Riders and horses from all the Nordic countries will meet and compete for the medals in both sport and Gæðingakeppni competitions. 

So bring your friends, your best cheer and nation flag’s,
let’s make this a Championship to remember!

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Nordic Championships Icelandichorses 2020

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