Nachthexen: Kris Baha [AUS] & Zack Zack Zack [AUT]

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Nachthexen: Kris Baha [AUS] & Zack Zack Zack [AUT]

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25 nov 2022 20:00 - 26 nov 2022 01:00


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KRIS BAHA [AUS] Much time has passed since Kris Baha swapped the parched red earth and searing midday sun of the Australian landscape for the brutalist buildings, communist-era apartment blocks and slate-grey skies of East Berlin. Now firmly embedded in his adopted city, Baha has become known for a trademark production style inspired by sun-baked hallucinatory visions and the clandestine, concrete-clad industrial hum of the metropolis after dark.Kris is now a regular fixture at celebrated Berlin institutions CockTail D’Amore, Sameheads & Panorama bar. There and during guest spots elsewhere across the world, he dives deep into the void, to deliver extended sets of otherworldly machine music driven by emotion and mood, be it energy, joy, lust or sadness. The same ethos applies to his hardware-driven, performance-based live shows, which were initially inspired by his love for the pioneering gigs of the first industrial music era.When not channeling the musical spirits to inspire dancers, Baha can be found lurking in the shadows of his studio space. There, he performs mixing, mastering and remix duties for the likes of Boys Noize, Boy Harsher, Red Axes, Die Wilde Jagd, MVTANT, Red Axes +++ . There has also been a noted collaboration with fellow Aussie outcast Dreems as Die Orangen. Yet it’s his own skewed, mutant productions for which Baha is undoubtedly best known. Inhibiting their own sound space between industrial, EBM, wave, post punk, early ‘90s IDM and krautrock.‘Into The Dark’ is Kris latest original output for 2021, delving into the live music sensibility of Kris’s production skillset, coming full circle to his former songwriting background. The song is a confrontational introspection haunted by anxiety, vulnerability and self examination while trying to hear through the noise over the last 6 months.‘Into the Dark’ mirrors the feeling of late 80’s / 90’s musical transitional phases in the Industrial/ Wave scene and in some way is reflective of Kris’s current musical direction as he presents himself in a different shade of dark.

ZACK ZACK ZACK [AUT] is Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas. Both are originally from Izmir, Turkey, currently living in Vienna, Austria.They like to experiment and surprise with innovative mix of sounds. Retro-Future, avant-garde, experimental, synthwave – their music is beyond borders and labels.Their name is an artistic manifesto; a wordplay refering to the Austrian political disaster (“Ibiza Affair”) from May 2019, which revealed the dirty face of politics and lead to the government’s fall. This was the time when they started playing and their first single Kunst is the result of a live performance recording in Kunstschule Wien in June 2019.Their debut EP including five original songs was released on 26 February 2021. The music video for the lead single Bütün came out on 12 February 2021 and immediately caught international attention.


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Stockholm, Sverige


Hus 7 Hus 7, Styckmästargatan 10, 121 62 Johanneshov

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