MUSICOMEXP - A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition - LIVE

26 maj 2018 18:00 - 23:00

Reaktorhallen, Drottning Kristinas väg 51, 11428 Stockholm

Follow an adventure of music creation and exploration in the South Pacific, then experience it in an immersive live performance.

MUSICOMEXP is a piece composed by Aurélie Ferrière while on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition in 2017. Dive into it when it is performed for the first time inside a former nuclear reactor in Stockholm on May 26, before it travels to different locations in Europe until the end of the expedition in September 2019.


Special prelude: performance by Oona Libens - teatro dondolo


Event scheduled at 18:00 and 20:15 in Reaktorhallen, a former nuclear reactor in the ground of Stockholm.

Please be on time as access to the reactor is limited!

Please note the address for directions, the reactor is underground, no sign outside -

- Welcome!!


MUSICOMEXP - A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition

Launched in 2015, The Ocean Mapping Expedition is a 4-year sailing journey inspired by Magellan’s travels 500 years ago, aimed to understand and map the state of the oceans, and question mankind from an ecologic, scientific and philosophical point of view.

Aurélie Ferrière, tonmeister and composer at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), was on board during the fall of 2017 in the South Pacific, to collect and gather sounds both from the underwater recordings by the research team on board and around, and create a music piece as an abstract journey about adventure and environment.

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With support from Stockholm Stad and Konstnärsnämnden & help from Elektronmusikstudion and The Ocean Mapping Expedition.



Prelude: Oona Libens - Teatro dondolo

The work of Oona Libens revolves around the history of the (moving) image and media-archeaology. Her performances are a mixture of object theatre and film, poetry and pseudo-science. Simple components as light, shadows and analog projections are used to illustrate scientific subjects - giving a more tactile experience to the phenomenon of the screen - with shadows and refractions making the whole space move. The audience gets to see how the images are being created and manipulated live. In her show Nausea we dive into submarine lifestyles, a phantasmagoria of shrimps, herring and medusae...

18:00 - performance 1 Ej tillgänglig
20:15 - performance 2 Ej tillgänglig