Math Camp Session #6

Frejgatan 30, 113 49 Stockholm
7 mar 2020 09:00 - 10:30
Biljetter 100,00 SEK - 275,00 SEK
Biljetter 100,00 SEK - 275,00 SEK

About: The Math Camp is a 1.5 hour session of building projects and experiential activities. The hands-on fun learning sessions explore math concepts and develop strategies to strengthen their math potentials. The session is provided in a small group adult-student ratio providing direct instructions and immediate feedback. Come and visit us for your child to experience learning math in a fun way!

Groups: 6-8 y/o, 9-10 y/o, 11-12 y/o

Instructors: Trained Math Camp leaders

Language: English

Event Tickets:
Math Camp Event : 275 SEK 
Math Camp (TRY): 100 SEK  (The discount applies only to new bookings)
Math Camp (SIBLING): 225 SEK (The discount applies only for siblings) 
Math & Science Camp Event Combo: 30% Use Promo Code 2EVENTS (The discount applies only for Use Promo Code 2EVENTS both a Math and a Science Camp Event the same day?
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AT&L Stockholm AB

AT&L Stockholm AB is a company that provides academic learning events through a systematic approach for strengthening student’s skills and competence to gain fluency in different subject areas.

We want learning to be fun and exciting. We believe that children learns better if they are provided with a stimulating environment with focus on their interests and agile activities. 

All children should love learning.

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