Living room piano concert at Hannah Skrinar's place

11 okt 2019 19:00 - 21:00

Rogierlaan 306, 1030 Schaarbeek


Welcome to an unique living room concert on Hannah Skrinar's piano in Brussels hosted by Hannah and her bandmate Freddy Festin.

Earlier this year, I released an acoustic instrumental piano album, called "Björkris I". It's about life in an rental apartment. I'm currently doing a tour at people's home's, wherever there's a piano. This concert in Brussels is my first outside Sweden.
The music can be described as quiet and melancholic, and the audience often lays on a blanket or in a couch. Feel free to rest or fall asleep! 

Friday octobre 11th Doors open: 7 pm Concert: 7.30 - 8.30 pm
Ticket's: 20 euro (cash or card online purchase)
There's 30 tickets available, so to be guaranteed a ticket, you can buy yours in advance here 



I played the piano all the time when I was a child. When I grew older I began to play rock. For about ten years I toured almost all the time with the bands Cult of luna, Mattias alkberg and Convoj. But then my life changed. I quit the bands, got a child and later got divorced. I moved into a rental apartment in a neighbourhood called Björkris, and I bought an acoustic piano at a flea market nearby. 

In this new situation, I had to reassess my approach to playing music. I played at home after I had put my daughter to bed. I didn’t want these moments by the piano to be something characterized by productivity, and I envisaged them as a walk in my home, sort of. The piano moments became a free zone from demands and trudges.
Playing the piano in my apartment also brought other limitations and approaches compared to playing in a rehearsal room. In my home, I’m always surrounded by an involuntary, anonymous audience – my neighbours. This has affected my way of playing. Instead of endless repetitions and scale practise, I play new improvised and harmonic tunes every night. Until 10 pm when it has to be silent. 

It’s now become an album, produced by Hans Olsson Brookes. A walk in my apartment in Björkris, in the city of Kungsbacka, Sweden, where I live.