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Lilith Club: Sapphic club night

Lilith Club: Sapphic club night

FrÄn 80,00 SEK



29 jun 2024 19:00 - 30 jun 2024 01:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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📱 Calling all the raging sapphics* of Stockholm who wanna go clubbing in a raw and underground venue!

🩇 We are throwing a sapphic club night on June 29th, come join us if you want a fun summer night with the coolest sapphics of Stockholm!

Come make new sapphic friends,

Or maybe flirt with your future partner(s),

Or bring your partner(s) and have a great memorable night together,

Orrrr just come and dance your heart out in a cozy basement filled with the other cool sapphics!

*by Sapphic, we mean women and non-binary people who love women. Assigned gender at birth or sexuality is irrelevant. All women and non-binary people who love women are welcome in our space, terfs and transmisogynists are NOT!

Please note that Lilith is not a “flinta” or LGBT+ space. Only Sapphic, and Sapphic by the definition above.



07:00 – socializing, mingling and pre-partying!

08:50 – a heart-melting performance by Sapphic Natasha

09:00 – the dancefloor officially starts, and we will be dancing all the way until 1!

The entrance will be open from 7:00 to 11:00. Please do not come later, we won’t be able to let you in!



Mira Iranpour (she/her), co-organizer of Batshit, Climax, and Lilith club nights, is an Iranian trans and queer activist and community organizer based in Stockholm. Having organized parties in Tehran's underground queer scene, followed by queer club nights in SkĂ„ne, her journey has now led her to Stockholm and now she is committed to spice up the queer scene here with more alternative and separatist parties!

Get ready for her signature blend of cunty synthpop, post-punk, and new wave, with a guaranteed dose of 80s and 90s classic gems.

Expect music from Eurythmics ★ Kate Bush ★ Siouxsie and the banshees ★ David Bowie â˜… Joy Division ★ Depeche mode ★ Blondie ★ The cure ★ New order ★ Joan Jett ★ Billie Idol ★ KISS and much more!



Eden Lost (they/them): Temptrix of Darkness, in the flesh! Hailing originally from Los Angeles, California by way of Stockholm, Sweden, Eden Lost brings a heavy dose of rock n roll attitude whenever they hit the stage: whether it be as a fabulous burlesque vixen, a cocky drag king, or a complete gender fuck! Be prepared for lots of flirty fun and just the right amount of sultry sleaze! They will be go go dancing throughout the night and melt our Sapphic hearts!

Natalia Sapphic (she/her): is a queer lesbian drag queen, out to stir up some SERIOUS gay panic among the sapphics!!! With her jazzy voice, she seeks out to flirt with her audience with her heart-melting singing performance!

Natalia is a Russian and Swedish anti-capitalist political artist whose voice will never be tamed! Watch her blossom as a newcomer in the drag world, bringing her unapologetic flair to the stage! She will also be the host for the night!


💚You can get green glow stick wristbands from the bar, wearing the wristband means you are open to being approached and you are open to flirtations! Of course we ask everyone to also be respectful when approaching new people!

👅There will also be a make out corner for the single sapphics who wanna get naughty with the other single sapphics! If you are coming with a partner, please just use anywhere else for making out! this space is reserved for meeting new people and consensually making out! this room is closely monitored for safety by our awareness team and so is the rest of party!

👀We also ask you not to face the DJ booth! This is a sapphic party for you, not a performance by the DJ! Face each other, dance with each other and have fun!

😎Coming alone and feeling anxious?

Join us early at the pre-party and socializing part of the night and ask our amazing host for the night, Sapphic Natasha, to match you with other people who are coming alone and want to join a group to party!


đŸŽ« Tickets:

  • Early birds: 80 kr + service avgift 

  • Regular tickets: 120 kr + service avgift 

  • Last tickets: 150 kr + service avgift 

  • Support tickets: 200 kr (for you who can afford it and want us to keep throwing sapphic parties in the future)

No ticket at the door! Only pre-sale tickets. Tickets are limited, hurry before they are gone!


đŸȘžDress code: We encourage retro and 80s aesthetics, but you can wear whatever you want!


To keep us with more details on the party, future parties, follow us on Instagram (@klubb.lilith) :


We are not a safe space for you if you come with classism, racism, transmisogyny, transphobia, lesbophobia. biphobia, panphobia. ableism or any other nasty shit!

Please note that there is a smoking room inside the venue, no need to go outside, and if you leave the venue, we cannot let you back in!

The cloakroom will be unguarded and free.



The venue is not accessible for wheelchairs unfortunately, as its in the basement, there is a restroom for wheelchair use however.

There are spaces that would be less loud in the party but we don't have a specific space with no music.



SidenkÀllaren, Repslagargatan 15D, 118 46 Stockholm

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