Lettering + Rubber Stamp Workshop

8 sep 2018 10:00 - 17:00

Postmuseum, Lilla Nygatan 6, 11128 Stockholm

Draw your own lettering design and carve it into a rubber stamp! Pretty great, don't you think!?

We are passionate about what we do and we want to inspire and give instructions to help you create make your own designs and to have a product to take home after the workshop.

The workshop will be mostly in English but we will help in Swedish as well!

We start the workshop with lettering together with lettering designer Sofie Björkgren-Näse.

We will explore letterforms by drawing different letter styles by hand.
We practice replacing self-criticism with creativity.
You will get basic knowledge of the anatomy of letters and
You will create your own lettering design to use when making a stamp.

After lunch we continue with designing, carving & printing rubber stamps with printmaker Tian Gan. Transfer the lettering you've created into a hand-carved rubber stamp and learn various stamping techniques!

Be introduced to carving tools and materials;
Learn designing and carving techniques and create a stamp of your letter form design;
Try stamping hacks like masking, gradience and pattern-making;
Print a notebook cover with your own stamp;
Participants will be encouraged to help each other and share their creation. Stamping is fun when you do it together!

All material and fika is included in the price. We have a 45 min lunch break and you can bring your own lunch box or buy at the nearest coffee house or supermarket.

There are a maximum of 15 seats. We have a minimum of 8 participants for the workshop.

You are able to buy material for stamp carving if you want to continue at home:
- Stamp Maker's Blocks (for carving stamps, can be used on both sides, 6cm in diameter) for
40kr (set of 2) or
80kr (set of 4);
- Carving knives (set of 3, 1 scalpel, 1 U-gouge and 1 V-gouge) for 160kr.
- Ink pads also available.

About the workshop leaders:
Sofie Björkgren-Näse is a freelance lettering designer with her own company Fia Lotta Jansson Design (www.fialottajansson.com).

Tian Gan is born and raised in Chongqing, China. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 and started her company in 2012, working as a freelance printmaker and graphic designer (www.gantian.se).