30 apr 2018 22:00 - 1 maj 2018 05:00

Secret, Location, Stockholm

KIOSK MUSIK | KIOSK 004 | Secret Location
Saturday April 28th | 22.00 - END
°Cosmo Jonsson B2B Alex Scott (KIOSK)
°Oscar Conway (Wide Eyed Records)
°Patrik Ljungberg (Dujaviba)

The time has come to bring on the spring of 2018, and we’d like to kickstart it by inviting you to KIOSK 004.
As Tuesday is a bank holiday, the party will take place on Monday - a day swedes refer to as Valborg.

KIOSK 004 will once again take place in a secret location in the outskirts of central Stockholm.
As always; good sound, good music and an intimate and friendly atmosphere is emphasized.

In order to locate and participate in the KIOSK 004 you must be a registered KIOSK member and purchase a ticket.

Member registrations here:
(Membership registration will close at 21:00)

Please be aware that we will keep this event intimate and capacity is limited. Showing up on time is advised.