Inger Øvrebø Uberg, sång

30 maj 2018 19:00 - 20:30

Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Valhallavägen 105, 115 51 Stockholm

Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

The Eternal Love Letter

Love. A theme we all are familiar with, and yet always keep wondering about. Like humans always did, in all times. Expressing the affections for the loved one is done through arts, poetry and music – and by texts on the cellphone. Can several hundred years old poetry and music still awake emotions in us? Even if we don’t understand the lyrics – is there something eternal in the language of music and poetry that speaks to the heart, regardless of time?

The Norwegian soprano Inger Øvrebø Uberg will close her specialized master in early music with a dive into musical emotions. Her master project on Italian monodies of the early baroque, based on love letter poems, will be the frame for this concert. Through a varied repertoire from the early music field, Uberg will play with the possibilities a singer has for expression. She believes that looking back in the historical sources and the context of the music, gives the singer means to make the performance even more relevant to a modern audience.

Other performers:

Anna Paradiso Laurin – harpsichord
Jonas Nordberg – theorbo
Clara Guldberg Ravn – recorder

Foto, Manfred Hanberg


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