Henrik Möller + @memesofmalmo

20 apr 2018 19:00 - 21 apr 2018 03:00

Plan B, Norra Grängesbergsgatan 19, 21450 Malmö

To start with, Plan B is a MEMBERSHIP CLUB, so before you get your tickets, visit THIS PAGE

Ticket price: 100KR, but if you wear a black hoodie you can get in for 80KR
IF you buy the 80KR tickets and come WITHOUT a black hoodie on you, we will charge you 50kr on top of the entrance fee, just cause we can. :)

During this event, Henrik Möller will..
- present two new movies
- do a reading session
- hold a quiz

..@memesofmalmo will recreate a mini-Malmö

..and Plan B will lower its standards a bit

How does that sound?

Live on stage: Buttbrain (Norra Gränges)
DJs: Suck Ma Titties (bangers!) + Hussni Aziz (rnb/hiphop/afrobeat)

Members with a black hoodie


Members without a black hoodie