Global Game Jam Stockholm 2017

20 jan 2017 17:00
22 jan 2017 17:00
Biljetter 120,00 SEK - 240,00 SEK
Biljetter 120,00 SEK - 240,00 SEK

Welcome! Global Game Jam Stockholm is part of the world’s biggest game making event, the Global Game Jam. GGJSthlm is organized on a voluntary basis.

Extra important rules:

- Be nice to each other.

- No nuts in the game jam area.

- No alcohol or drug use.

- To participate you also need to create a user on

- For minors the Legal Guardian need to be at the jam at all time.

- You need to bring your own computer and tools.

- You can sleep in the game jam area, but you need to bring your own mattress, sleeping bag, etc.

- Contact us about food allergies and food restrictions for the breakfast.

- Don't write about the theme on social media the first 24 hours. It will ruin the fun for some other jamming countries.


We serve breakfast on the jam. If you have any food allergies or food restrictions contact us as soon as possible. Email us at:

There are a restaurant on Tekniska Museet, but not any other stores around the area.

Code of conduct:

Just a short bit of legal to make sure everyone agrees - by signing up for the event:

You agree to follow the rules, regulations and policies as they are presented on the site, the site, and by the organizers in correspondance and in person at the event, and understand that if you do not follow, even after being told to, you may be asked to leave the event. This may concern any kind of situation, but is mainly meant to show that we do not tolerate harassment in any form.

You agree to, at the end of the event, share your game and program code under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence by uploading it to the global game jam site. You still hold all intellectual property, and neither Global Game Jam, nor Game Jam Stockholm owns any of it. Although we do want to use them for demonstrational purposes. For more info see the Global Game Jam FAQ.

You agree that you are aware there will be photography and video recordings from the event, and that these are streamed and saved openly on the internet. Even though the organizers will do their best at not using images of anyone who do not want to be on film we cannot guarantee that you will not end up in images.

Jammers will be required to bring their own Wi-Fi enabled equipment. Each jammer is responsible for their own equipment and it is their responsibility to ensure it is removed at the end of the jam.


Food restrictions - Henrik Edlund: 070-367 55 11,

Questions - Natassja Berkan: 076-078 01 08,

Questions - Peter Ekorre: 073-388 76 30,

Questions - Cristoffer Wiker: 070-768 71 18

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Global Game Jam Stockholm 2017

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