Glenn Underground B2B Boo Williams. The Tempest Tour:

5 jun 2019 23:55 - 6 jun 2019 09:00

Hemliga Bastun, Hemligavägen, 17148 Solna

The Tempest Tour:

Glenn Underground b2b Boo Williams (Extended Set)
Duoen Kim Dürbeck og Rulefinn
Evelina Nässen
Henrik Bergqvist
Daniel Bertholdsson

Duoen Kim Dürbeck og Rulefinn har lenge sirkulert i samme DJ-krets, men ingen av dem var forberedt på den kreative synkroniseringen som skulle oppstå etter et par gigs back-to-back i Japan. Gutta deler samme kjærlighet for disco, funk, techno, black metal og soul, og med Rulefinns tredje runde på Bastun er det stor fare for at samtlige sjangere blir spilt denne natta!

Glenn Underground’s
early musical atmosphere was soaked in the very best jazz, soul, funk and disco. With many family members musicians and being a native Chicagoan Glenn existed as a kid in a toy shop when house music was born. In the early eighties h..

Glenn Underground
is the founding member of the Strictly Jaz Unit. He was raised on disco classics and freeform jazz in Chicago's Southside, the place where house music was born. Taking inspiration from Chicago's original pioneers, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy, Lil' Louis, and the like, Glenn has produced some of the most well respected deep house music of the past five years. His releases for Cajual, Prescription Guidance and Peacefrog have set the standard for sophisticated dance music. He is one of the few DJ's who can walk the line between deep jazz house, disco influenced house, and the kind of classics featured at the legendary parties of late 70's Chicago.

Boo Williams
is a second generation house producer from Chicago. Boo followed the footsteps of Chicago greats like Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson and Lil Louis. With recordings for labels like Peacefrog, Cajual, Relief, Rush Hour, Boo left an enormou..

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