Fringe Pass - Sunday Funday Pass

26 aug 2018 16:00 - 22:30

Gothenburg, Sweden, Gothenburg, Gothenburg

Enjoy the final day of performances at Gothenburg Fringe with a fun combination of dance and comedy - 4 shows for the price of 3!

16:00 at Stigbergslidens Vandrarhem (Stigbergsliden 10)
Rejoining Jane
by Tick Tock Bridget
In Rejoining Jane, the performers and audience delve into the story of knitwear-clad Jane, the eccentric traveller, journeying from Bromley to Papua New Guinea (via Ibiza!) with various escapades and secrets that unfold along the way...

18:00 at Teater Trixter (Andréegatan 13)
Empty Set + It Takes Two To Tango
Empty Set by Nga-Man Cheang
In modern society, we are no longer just constrained by moral values, but also conventionalisation, industrialisation, deindividuation. All these implicit rules isolate humanity, that’s why most of us lost part of ourselves. We become more like a robot than an animal.
It Takes Two To Tango by Lee Yuan Tu
It takes two to tango’s comedic and physical interplay is based on the performer’s height difference, along with a tea cup and saucer, plus some very fine dancing. Alternating dynamics, physical exuberance and the playfulness of the choreography makes for a truly engaging piece.

20:15 at Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater (Stigbergsliden 5B)
The Only Jew in Gothenburg
by Aaron Zarabi
Aaron Zarabi is a comedian temporarily seeking asylum from the current American political climate as the only Jew in Gothenburg. His show provides a unique perspective on what it’s like to be a foreigner in a place that looks like Hitler’s wet dream.

21:30 at Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater (Stigbergsliden 5B)
Die Blaue Stunde (The Blue Hour)
by Amelia Jane Hunter
Die Blaue Stunde charters the span of freedom, the hour of dreaming and the subterranean paradise of Berlin. Join unstoppable adventurer Amelia Jane Hunter on her quest to discover what she never learnt at finishing school - love, compassion and the depths of a darkroom.

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