Fringe Pass - Saturday special (limited availability)

25 aug 2018 11:00 - 21:30

Gothenburg, Sweden, Gothenburg, Gothenburg

Saturday's Gothenburg Fringe Pass is a truly special one - just 10 tickets are up for grabs at a special price of 260 SEK for 4 shows.

It's a selection of performances for young families - with a parent and child show in the morning, then a fine mixture of comedy and music just for the grown-ups throughout the day.

11:00 at Frilagret (Heurlins Plats 1)
Cloud Catcher
by Space of Movement
An interactive performance of dance and movement specifically for children from 6 to 18 months and their parents.
Cloud Catcher creates a place which is warm and gentle, where babies can be as they like, were they are entertained by sound, image and touch.
One ticket is valid for both an adult and a child.

15:00 at Draken upstairs (Heurlins Plats 15)
You Can't Sit With Us
by Mimosa Comedy
Swedish-based group Mimosa Comedy presents “You Can’t Sit With Us”. A stand up show that gives you the very best of mean, gross, and sexy comedy. If you loved Mean Girls, you’ll love this. All-round fun…just not for the family!

18:30 at Kulturtemplet (Kabelgatan 19)
Jorge Alcaide, Sebastián Ruiz, Jonny Berg collaboration (Music)
A ritualised experience through the body with the use of voice and the majestic sound of Kulturtemplet’s water chamber.
This ceremonial work speaks about the collective constitution of culture and the fractured identity of the performers as real human subjects in action.

20:30 at Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater (Stigbergsliden 5B)
The Only Jew in Gothenburg
by Aaron Zarabi
Aaron Zarabi is a comedian temporarily seeking asylum from the current American political climate as the only Jew in Gothenburg. His show provides a unique perspective on what it’s like to be a foreigner in a place that looks like Hitler’s wet dream.

Saturday Fringe Pass