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Foraging & Wildcrafting Course (Använda vilda växter)

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Foraging & Wildcrafting Course (Använda vilda växter)

Från 3.590,00 SEK



12 maj 2024 13:00 - 13 maj 2024 13:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Have you always wanted to forage wild edible plants but too scared of gathering the wrong one? Perhaps you’d like to use plants but do not know how? Or you just want to know more about the nature surrounding us? This course is for you.

The Foraging & Wildcrafting is a full foraging experience over seven months covers the rules and ethics around foraging, botany and guidance on how to identify plants, and dive into their usages.

Guided by Agnes, you will explore edible and useful plants around Uppsala. Through out the course you will learn to make food, drinks, teas, salves, creams and much more, and have an opportunity to taste and take home all of the products you will make. In total you learn around 30 plants.

The course is suitable for beginner foragers and those with no prior experience. This course is also a good fit for you who wants to make your own products using what nature provides.

We will meet one Sunday afternoon per month from 13.00 to 16.00. Their will a group of 15 participants which will offer an engaging, and supportive community. The course will take place at different locations in Uppsala providing greater knowledge on local plant biodiversity, from forest, meadow, urban area, and backyard. Throughout the seven-month duration, you have exclusive access to a private digital community where you can engage with fellow course participants, exchange ideas, and pose questions related to the course.


SUNDAY 14th APRIL: Introduction to Foraging (in person or online depending of the snow)

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction of each participant
  • Overview of Foraging & Wildcrafting
  • Safety considerations and basic tools needed
  • Foraging ethics

SUNDAY 12th MAY: Botany & Processing Wild Plants, Sunnersta

  • Most common plants families
  • Getting to know local plants from each family
  • Methods for harvesting wild plants
  • Timing and seasonality for harvesting
  • Drying and preserving harvested plants
  • Foraging session 1

SUNDAY 9th JUNE: Foraging for drinks, location to be confirmed

  • Foraging session 2
  • Making wild drinks served with a fika

SUNDAY 14th JULY: Foraging for food, location to be confirmed

  • Foraging session 3: we meet at 10am to forage for plants to cook
  • Preparation of a lunch that we will eat together

SUNDAY 11th AUGUST: Foraging for skincare, Ultuna

  • Foraging session 4
  • Preparation of herbal-infused oils, salves & creams

SUNDAY 8th SEPTEMBER: Foraging for home apothecary

  • Foraging session 5 
  • Preparation of tea & decoctions with roots, tinctures

SUNDAY 06th OCTOBER: Herbarium; a Botanical Book

  • During each foraging session, you will have gathered new plants and pressed - dried them to keep into a notebook. We will look at the botanical books you made
  • The botanical book provides a comprehensive resource that collects all plant species seen during the course, their usages and recipes.


This course will be hold in English. The price is for the entire course of seven sessions.

The locations may change depending on the weather.


  • Commuting to the locations
  • Tools for foraging
  • Notebook for creating the herbarium


"I absolutely LOVED this course and I'm sad it's ending. I have learned so much and I'm really excited about working on my herbal notes over the winter and then getting ready for next year's foraging season, hopefully starting with some hazel catkins in early spring. I never thought I would be able to go for a walk and recognise so many of the plants in the area! Teas and skincare were my favourite parts of the course, but I thought everything was interesting and I enjoyed doing my foraging homework and finding five new plants every time. I now see my surroundings through the lens of which plants grow there, which is really fun." Robyn

"The course was an absolute game-changer for my connection with wild plants and how to use them on a daily basis. Even though I’m skilled at recognizing many different plant species, this course took my understanding of wild plants to a whole new level by teaching their properties and practically demonstrating how to, for example, make my own creams and salves for skin care. Not only did I learn how to harness the power of plants to nurture my skin, but I also enjoyed the fun activities in the course, like foraging for wild plants, preparing delicious food and creating a wholesome evening together. Moreover, the course's emphasis on distinguishing edible plants from potentially harmful ones was greatly needed for me, as I tend to eat what I assume is edible and we know how bad that can end! The course boosted my confidence while foraging and exploring the outdoors. Now, I'm able to gather ingredients for my meals with the assurance that they're safe and nourishing!" Sanaz

What you will get from the course:







Nordiska Örter is a small herb farm situated in Uppsala that promotes the use of wild local plants for food, health and handicraft via workshops to connect people with their local environment and increase their self-sufficiency. Nordiska Örter also provides quality locally produced and wild harvested herbs that can be purchased on Etsy

Agnes is the founder of Nordiska Örter and the course leader. Agnès Brosset has a PhD in plant ecologist and has always been enthusiastic about sharing her skills and knowledge about plants. She has been crafting with herbs for 6 years, and is a homesteader living totally off grid, foraging, growing vegetables, and preserving foods to be more resilient and to reduce her dependency on grocery suppliers. 

To be informed of upcoming events, follow Nordiska Örter on instagram


Uppsala, 74178 Uppsala

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