Filmvisning 'Big In Sweden' och stand up med Al Pitcher & Ben Kersley

1 feb 2020 19:00 - 21:30

Biografföreningen Galaxen, Helgonagatan 5, 596 31 Skänninge

En hel kväll på Bio Galaxen (mostly in English) med filmvisning och live stand up

kl19.00 - 20.00 -  'Big In Sweden' - A stand up comedy road movie about being Big In Sweden 
kl20.30 - 21.30
- Live stand up med Al Pitcher och Ben Kersley - Stand up comedy in English and Swinglish

BIG IN SWEDEN - A film by Ben Kersley, Al Pitcher and Gustav Skogens 
2019. 60 mins. English and Swedish with Swedish subtitles. 
Starring Al Pitcher, (AND Ture Lång, Boxholms Ost, The Mjölby Potato and Vadstena Nya Teater) 

Big In Sweden is a stand up comedy road movie where comedian Al Pitcher finds out what it really means to be Big in Sweden

Over the last decade New Zealander, Al Pitcher has become one of Sweden’s best loved stand up comedians. Sold out shows, television appearances and an army of fans. Al Pitcher is BIG IN SWEDEN. Join Al on his quest to find out what being BIG IN SWEDEN really means!
Travel through the beauty of Sweden and be amazed by Giant Potatoes, Enormous Coathangers and Gigantic Cheese Slicers! 
This is a journey of discovery, an insight into how a comedian finds the funny, and an affectionate tribute to the less well known side of Sweden, Al Pitcher’s adoptive country.  

Al Pitcher may be a star in Sweden, but will he ever be as big as the Mjölby potato or the Edsbyn Bandy stick? 

FILM! FIKA! and then... Al Pitcher will perform a work in progress of his coming tour show with support from LKPG HA HA!'s Ben Kersley (Yes... They're also the guys from the film)   

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