F.NoiZe - AniMe - Drokz - Hardcore Superstars

22 apr 2017 22:00 - 23 apr 2017 05:00

Eventhuset, Vretensborgsvägen 5, 12630 Stockholm

Med ett allt för stort glapp inom Stockholms klubbscen, som skriker efter det hårdare spektrumet inom elektronisk musik.

Så slår två gamla arrangörer ihop sina huvuden för att starta en återkommande hardcore-klubb.
Där vi även fokuserar oss på: Frenchcore, Uptempo, Rawstyle, Terrorcore m.m.

Till detta event har vi inte tagit in mindre än TRE världsakter, som tillhör spjutspetsen inom sina genrer.

Med stolthet presenterar vi i Hardcore Superstars:

F. NøIzE[IT] - Uptempo Hardcore
Described as ‘Pioneer of Uptempo Hardcore’, F.Noize has been considered one of the leading figures in the Hardcore scene in the last years. The name F.Noize is often associated with his unique skull mask and renowned Violent sound. His career as a DJ began in Rome in 2007, as resident DJ of the Hardforum parties. His first tracks were released in 2012 and are now followed by many other releases on some of the biggest Hardcore labels.
F.Noizes’ career took off with the first uptempo release history: ‘Sentenced’, a collab with Andy The Core and was released on the first EP of Partyraiser Records. After this release he was invited at almost every Italian club and premiered in Holland at Thrillogy 2013. Since then he has taken part in some of the most important European festivals and is now the resident DJ of club Number One (IT).

Dj AniMe[IT] - Hardcore
AniMe is the leading female Hardcore icon from Italy. Her tracks are massive bombs, characterized by mighty sounds and unique vocals, inspiring many producers. Thanks to the winning combination of potent music and magnetic charism on stage, she gained huge popularity, building a solid fan base all over the world and confirming herself as an undisputed power of the Hardcore movement.

As a volcano new ideas are always flooding and hard work is a solid key. In 2014 she started the ABSOLUTE MIX podcast, which has become very popular, especially in the USA. In the beginning of 2016 her very first solo album was launched called: ‘EXTERMINATE’, a great success and still smashing the dance floors this summer.
And of course don’t forget her Monster hit: ‘A-BOMB’. Europe, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Japan, Russia and Canada are introduced to this strong Hardcore woman already and that is not the end. In July 2016 she joined DOGFIGHT, the recently kick started label by DJ Mad Dog. New music is about to released on the label soon!

Drokz[NL] - Terror
When Drokz started he had one goal: making loud music! With his fast kicks that reaches from 190 bpm till 250bpm he crashes every party.
After a smashing career as MC and DJ his love for the music grew. After a while he started to only focus on producing and his DJ career. So it is a fact, with him on stage, and to see the passion this guy has for this music, makes it an experience to see him perform!
With his fulltime job and producing he has only time for 2 performances each month. He only wants to play at party's that accompany his feelings for this music. If he decides to come to your party, he thinks that your party is worth it to be crashed by Drokz!

DJ dab - Frenchcore
Trinitite - Hardcore
JTFU - Hardcore

Early Bird: 210 sek
Normal: 245 sek
Gates: tba

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