European Rock Paper Scissors Championship final 2019, Stockholm/Sweden

21 sep 2019 19:00 - 23:00

O'Learys Tolv, Arenavägen 69, Stockholm, Sweden, 121 77 Johanneshov

Welcome to the European Rock Paper Scissors Championship final 2019. This ticket is one of only 128, congratulations. First price is 1000 euro. The participants register at the latest 6:00 pm in sectarian and the final starts at 7 pm. There will be music, beer and food to buy and lovely atmosphere before the finals begin. It is free entrance for visitors. 

See you at O´Learys Tolv in Stockholm/Sweden and good luck.


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Age-limit is over 18 years to participate in the event.

Player 150,00 SEK
V.I.P. Player only for Admin. UTSÅLT