Eivør (live) @ Arbis

15 mar 2018 19:00 - 16 mar 2018 00:00

Arbis Bar & Salonger, Bredgatan 54, 602 21 Norrköping

Världsartisten Eivør från Färörna ger ett exklusivt framträdande på Arbis i vår!

Mer information om tider etc kommer inom kort.

Om artisten:

Eivør is a vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter with a voice of rare beauty and power. She has vast experience as a recording artist releasing 10 solo albums, as well as contributing to countless other projects. Her musical palette has included traditional faroese music, jazz, country folk, big band stylings, classical influences, and trip hop tinted rock.

As of late, she has consolidated these experimental inputs into her own style of folktronica as witnessed on her last three albums ROOM (2012), BRIDGES (2015) and SLØR (2015). The english version of SLØR was released in May 2017. This release sees Eivør entering the UK market performing on BBC’s Jools Holland and a sold out UK tour in june with a follow-up tour later in 2017.

Last year also marked the beginning of several exciting songwriting collaborations in the TV & Film industry. Amongst others, she co-wrote the score for the popular BBC TV series ”The Last Kingdom” with Ivor Novello and Bafta-nominated composer John Lunn (Downton Abbey), and was the featured vocalist on the titles.


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